Theatre Review: Inheritance

By Niall Christie
Platform Theatre, Glasgow. 13 July.

Although it may have been a one night only production, Inheritance will have had a lasting effect on those in the audience with its brutally honest portrayal of Glaswegian prejudice.

Speaking beforehand, writer Louie John Lowis stated his wish to shock and provoke the audience. That, without question, was achieved. But amongst the rabble of racist remarks and sectarian insults being banded about was a relatable plot, likeable characters and a clear message that much of what was being portrayed was not acceptable.

Thursday evening was the play’s unveiling, the outcome of Lowis’s six month residency at Platform and the work of Dundee-based director Claire Bee. A blend of traditional theatre, live music and spoken word, this captivating work of art deserves bigger and broader audiences that it performed for last week, and will, I hope, get them.

Photo courtesy of Platform Theatre.
Photo courtesy of Platform Theatre.

For an opening evening the show came across as polished and professional, with only a handful of slip ups and forgotten lines peppering the impressive performance. But all of these minor kinks can be ironed out before the beckoning bigger stage is met.

In his discussion with the audience afterwards, Lowis let the audience in on his plans for an album based on the on-stage work and even his hopes to take the show further afield. While that may be a few months off yet, we did manage to grab Inheritance’s writer for a quick interview. Keep an eye out for it next month.

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