Fringe 2017: Award-winning feminist play, Mouthpiece, comes to Edinburgh (video)

By Tara Fitzpatrick

Mouthpiece, by Quote Unquote Collective, is a devised performance from Canadian theatre makers Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava. Having won ‘Best New Canadian Play’ at the Toronto Theatre Critics Award for 2016/17, the two-woman show is performing at Summerhall’s CanadaHub as part of the Edinburgh Fringe 2017.

The play follows one woman (played simultaneously by Nostbakken and Sadava) over the course of one day, as she discovers she has lost her voice. The performance,which was also directed by Nostbakken, explores the inner conflicts inside the head of modern women and wrestles with feminism and the subtle drawbacks of modern society.

Mouthpiece uses movement, sound and text to explore every aspect of a woman’s life, from childhood through to adulthood, and questions how liberating and progressive we really are.

I spoke with Nostbakken and Sadava after the show at King’s Hall in Edinburgh. Watch below.

Mouthpiece performs at King’s Hall until August 27.

Video photos: (c) Joel Clifton, featured image: (c) Brooke Wedlock


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