Live Review: EMA

By Tony Inglis Broadcast, Glasgow, 6 October 2017 EMA brought her brand of noisy, paranoiac pop to the low-ceilinged basement at Broadcast on a busy Friday night in Glasgow’s city centre. The low turn out for the show suggested that too many people had decided to submit to the lesser pleasures of the city’s pubs … Continue reading Live Review: EMA

Live Review: Turnover

By Tony Inglis Stereo, Glasgow, 26 September 2017 I’ve seen arguably better bands fail to sell out the small but significant room in the basement of Glasgow’s Stereo; certainly, acts who are pushing more at the boundaries of what can be done with guitar music than Virginia’s Turnover. But on this sweaty September night, with … Continue reading Live Review: Turnover

Live Review: Charly Bliss

By Tony Inglis The Hug and Pint, Glasgow, 17 September 2017 “This is insane!” exalts Eva Hendricks, one song into Charly Bliss’ triumphant first-time set at The Hug and Pint, tucked away in the basement of the Great Western Road venue. That song, ‘Percolator’, the opener from the New York pop punk quartet’s debut full-length … Continue reading Live Review: Charly Bliss

Live Review: Girlpool

By Tony Inglis Stereo, Glasgow, 9 September 2017 It happens about 50 seconds into ‘123’, the opening song from Girlpool’s 2017 record Powerplant; it’s the perfect fake out. Just as you think the LA duo of Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker have gotten quieter than on their previous album, Before the World Was Big, a … Continue reading Live Review: Girlpool

Live Review: Parquet Courts

By Tony Inglis The Art School, Glasgow, 28 August 2017 I have a couple of questions for the white, maybe bald, definitely dude(s) making their presence felt at the front of The Art School during Parquet Courts’ Glasgow show shouting “play a banger” and “play a song”: Have you ever listened to Parquet Courts? Have … Continue reading Live Review: Parquet Courts

The Big Feed: The rise of Glasgow’s indoor street food extravanganza

By Gillian McPherson Not so long ago the idea of street food in Scotland conjured up nothing more than images of greasy, poor quality burgers and soggy chips. But not anymore. Over the last few years, the country's street food scene has undergone a revolution and now a whole host of specialist vendors have emerged to … Continue reading The Big Feed: The rise of Glasgow’s indoor street food extravanganza

The Govan Stones: Uncovering Scotland’s most remarkable hidden gem

By Gillian McPherson When most people think of Govan's history, they think of its shipbuilding tradition and the heyday of the Clydeside yards. The period when Scotland was the shipbuilder to the world and this area on the south bank of the river Clyde stood proudly at its centre. What most people certainly don't tend … Continue reading The Govan Stones: Uncovering Scotland’s most remarkable hidden gem