Live Review: Conor Oberst

By Niall Christie O2 ABC, Glasgow, 22 August 2017 It was a triumphant return to Glasgow for troubled troubadour Conor Oberst as he sailed through what seemed like a greatest hits tour, with the adoration of fans pouring on to the stage throughout. With men and women alike proclaiming their love for the singer, and … Continue reading Live Review: Conor Oberst

June and Winter: Picks of the week

By Niall Christie, Tony Inglis and Émer O'Toole Here's a rundown of the music released, films screening, shows playing, books read, events happening and stuff going on that we think is worth talking about this week. Conor Oberst w/ support from Big Thief, The ABC, Glasgow, Tuesday 22 August Nebraska native Oberst heads to Glasgow this … Continue reading June and Winter: Picks of the week